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  • Chiropractic Techniques to Help Prevent Football Injuries

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 18-Aug-2017

    Football is known for its forceful tackles and physical roughness. With the football season starting, the risk for injuries among players skyrockets. Such injuries include tendonitis, fractures and dislocations, sprains, torn ligaments, and concussions. It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means it is easier to prevent an injury than to recover from one. With ...
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  • Why Is It So Common To Hear Car Accident And Chiropractor Together?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 18-Jul-2017

    Chiropractors can treat injuries caused by auto accidents, which in most cases involve the neck and back. The injury known as the whiplash is one of the most common and with the help of therapies this disappears and the person is free of pain. Because of the blow or unexpected braking the entire back section of the body suffers and are affected muscles and soft tissues. By inflammation and ...
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  • The Neck: the Major Area Affected in a Car Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 10-Jul-2017

    During this summer season when so many family activities are spent, we spend a lot of time riding our cars moving from here to there, and although the traffic becomes less heavy because the children are outside the schools, it is equally important to be vigilant in the roads. Impact by accident always has negative consequences. In the field of material, vehicles are affected by more modern and ...
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  • Is This Treatment Suitable for My Back?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 26-Jun-2017

    Chiropractic treatment is increasingly associated with recovery after a car accident, and this is because insurance companies began to accept it as an alternative treatment. One of the reasons why patients choose unconventional treatments instead of strong pain medications or surgeries is because this type of holistic medicine besides healing the lesions generates a general well-being. But what do ...
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  • An Auto Accident May End in Surgery, But There May Be Another Alternative

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 6-Jun-2017

    Spinal decompression is a natural and alternative method to back surgery that treats lower back pain, neck pain and pain radiating from leg and arm problems. During a car accident, the impact is often received on the back and this leads to hernias or bulging discs. Receiving a spinal decompression increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen within the affected discs, which facilitates the healing ...
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