About Us

About Us

The Accident Doctor ~ Dr. Anthony Bartolo

Dr. Anthony Bartolo

Dr. Anthony Bartolo is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College in March 1997. Anthony grew up in Massapequa, NY. He attended Nassau Community College and then later transferred to both Kennesaw and Life University, where he finished his undergraduate studies. After graduating from Life Chiropractic, Anthony went back to Massapequa to practice with his brother Raymond at Bartolo Family Chiropractic Center.

In 1999, Dr. Bartolo moved to Marietta, GA where he opened his first clinic in the Metro Atlanta area Cobb Pain & Rehab. Since that time Dr. Bartolo has opened multiple clinics in the Metro Atlanta area. Dr. Bartolo is National Board Certified in Parts I, II, III, IV as well as PT and is licensed in both NY and GA.

Reasons to See The Accident Doctor

The Accident Doctor and his expert staff are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients through pain treatment and management. Our services are not only affordable, but gentle. If you are facing ongoing pain from an auto accident, sports injury, herniated disk, slip and fall, or work-related injury, The Accident Doctor and his expert staff are here to help you get your life back.

How we show our patients we care:

  • Treatment options to fit your budget
  • Caring staff and customer service
  • Free initial consultation for potential clients
  • Natural, safe treatment for ongoing pain

We strive to improve the quality of our patients’ lives through natural and effective pain treatment. We don’t just treat the symptoms, but the source of your pain so you can reclaim the mobility and lifestyle you enjoyed before your accident.

To see how we can help you, schedule your first appointment with one of our Metro Atlanta offices today. During your free consultation, we can help you gain a better understanding of your options with us.