Sports Injuries

Cobb County Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injuries

At Cobb Pain & Rehab in Marietta, our goal is provide effective sports injury treatment so our patients can get back in the game–quickly. Whether you are a professional athlete or enjoy sports as a hobby, our sports chiropractors can provide natural and non-invasive procedures so you can enjoy a speedy recovery without negative side effects.

Sports injuries are different than injuries sustained in other ways, such as an auto accident. Many injuries occur in the musculoskeletal system and are caused as the result of repetitive use or from direct trauma. Because our staff understands athletes and their bodies, we are well suited to diagnosing your injury and providing an appropriate course of action.

Dr. Assessing Sports Injury to Patient’s Leg

Our practice offers a number of different methods to treat sports-related injuries, including:

So whether you are experiencing tennis elbow or runner’s knee, the Marietta sports chiropractors at Cobb Pain & Rehab can provide effective relief.

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