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  • 5 Things Cobb Pain and Rehab Can Do to Help Your Back Pain

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 6-Nov-2014

    Here at Cobb Pain and Rehab, we’ve seen many people suffer from back pain issues that affect their everyday life. It can make something as simple as getting in and out of the car difficult and painful. Half of the entire American working population suffers from some kind of back pain, but most cases go without proper treatment. There are some at-home treatments you can use to treat mild back ...
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  • Signs You May have a Herniated Disc

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 22-Oct-2014

    Many people suffer from herniated discs and don’t even realize it. General back pain is almost expected when it comes to general aging, but a herniated disc (or bulging disc as its commonly called) can hold you back from everyday tasks. A herniated disc is where the cushion-like substance between your vertebrae ruptures or leaks, causing tension between those two discs. This can cause pain ...
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  • Lower Back Pain Remedies

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 17-Oct-2014

    Lower back pain can be not just frustrating, but also a hindrance on everyday life. Even just sitting in the car in traffic can cause discomfort and pain. This lower back pain can be the result of issues like a herniated disc, muscle fatigue from over exertion, bad posture, or flat feet. At Cobb Pain and Rehab we provide low back pain treatment to help our clients overcome lower back pain issues. ...
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  • What are the Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables?

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 24-Jul-2014

    Eat more fruit and vegetables! We’re always being told to do this – but why? Eating vegetables and fruit is said to help you enjoy a healthy diet, and for good reason. You are more likely to avoid heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, digestive problems, and visions loss when you eat vegetables and fruit on a regular basis. A diet rich in fruit can vegetables can also help you ...
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  • 5 Ways to Make Time for Exercise

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 17-Jul-2014

    Ask anyone why they don’t work out when they want to and need to and they’ll say “I don’t have the time”. Lack of time is probably the number one excuse for not working out. Sure, everyone is busy but look around and you’ll see someone busier than you who’s also managing time for fitness. You deserve the time for a workout and it’s essential for your ...
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