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  • All About the Dangers of Sunburn

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 25-Jun-2014

    Do you know the dangers associated with sunburn? When you suffer sunburn you go beyond cosmetic problems of red skin and strap marks – sunburn can severely damage your health. Sunburn is caused by exposure to too much sun. Sunburned skin under the microscope reveals damaged cells and blood vessels. Skin can be damaged by the sun even before a burn shows; so it pays to be careful when you are ...
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  • How to Sleep Better: 16 Top Tips

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 19-Jun-2014

    If you are not getting the sleep you need, act now to improve the quality of your nightly shut-eye. Poor quality sleep means you wake up tired, irritable, and stressed – and you run out of energy by mid-morning. You can improve your sleep but it takes a little effort – try these 16 ideas for getting the best sleep of your life. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. ...
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  • The Healing Power of Meditation

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 12-Jun-2014

    Once thought of as an alternative “hippie” practice, meditation has grown in stature and popularity to become mainstream and an accepted part of a wellness regime for the modern age. Meditation is simple and powerful. Meditation is an effective stress-relief technique for people from all walks of life. In fact, meditation is so powerful it can actually lower your blood pressure and may ...
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  • 10 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

    Posted By cobbpainandrehab || 5-Jun-2014

    Playing sports and exercising is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. But with participation in sports comes the risk of sports injuries. However, many sports injuries can be avoided with careful attention paid to warming up, proper form, and good exercise practice. These 10 tips will help you exercise in a safe and effective manner, reducing the risk of pain and injury. ...
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