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  • How Can a Chiropractor Help After a Car Accident?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 21-Mar-2018

    Even though car accidents can vary, the types of injuries people sustain after crashes are usually very similar. Most crashes result in damage to the musculoskeletal system, or the muscles and bones. Many car accidents cause whiplash, neck injuries, head injuries, muscle damage, and broken bones. Even though you might have already been to a general doctor or even an orthopedic surgeon, it could ...
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  • If You Have An Auto Accident, The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Run Out Of The Right Treatment

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 14-Nov-2017

    Here are the 5 reasons why you should see a specialist in case of having an auto accident: 1. You may have an injury and not know it Most car accident victims believe that if there is no apparent injury after the accident it is because there is no acute pain. It is possible that the person has a small damage and that is why it caused pain, but this does not mean that the injury should not be ...
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  • Injured in an Accident and the Responsible Party Fled? You can be Treated!

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 11-Oct-2017

    Surely you have heard the expression 'hit and run' and this refers to accidents in which people leave the scene of the accident. In most states, it does not matter if the person is causing the accident or not, but leaving the place is considered by law to be 'hit and run'. Accidents can be with pedestrians, cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle. As in any accident, the probability ...
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  • An Auto Accident May End in Surgery, But There May Be Another Alternative

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 6-Jun-2017

    Spinal decompression is a natural and alternative method to back surgery that treats lower back pain, neck pain and pain radiating from leg and arm problems. During a car accident, the impact is often received on the back and this leads to hernias or bulging discs. Receiving a spinal decompression increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen within the affected discs, which facilitates the healing ...
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  • Did You Have an Accident in the Atlanta Area?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 15-May-2017

    Did you have an accident in the Atlanta area? In Cobb County, Dr. Anthony Bartolo and his team have the expertise to provide you with the right treatment and help you with your legal process, connecting you with attorneys specializing in auto accident. The trauma of the accident Apart from injuries acquired in an accident, there are other consequences for people's lives, such as having to stop ...
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  • The Importance of Visiting a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 11-May-2017

    Car accidents can be very dangerous, and often result in serious damages, both to the vehicles, and the drivers and passengers involved. If you’ve been in an accident, your foremost concern should be for your health. Following an accident, you should always plan an appointment with your chiropractor for a check-up. Whether you’re experiencing severe pains in your neck, a minor ...
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  • What Happens to the Body in a Car Accident?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 1-May-2017

    What happens to our bodies in a car accident? Obviously, nothing good. Cars are large containers of metal and when in motion they handle an immense load of energy, which, at the moment of a stroke or abruptly braking, transfers all that force of the car to our bodies formed by flesh. When we are driving we have kinetic energy and that is the energy that is created when we move forward. Think that ...
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  • Tips for Treating Anxiety After a Car Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 23-Mar-2017

    Auto accidents can result in a number of consequences such as vehicle damage, legal cases, fights with insurance companies, and body injuries. Another consequence that doesn’t get mentioned a lot is anxiety. After experiencing a traumatic situation, it is normal for someone to experience episodes of anxiety or depression. If you are experiencing anxiety, you should pay attention to the ...
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  • Why Home Remedies May be the Worst Idea After an Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 9-Mar-2017

    Experiencing a car accident can be overwhelming. With all the stress of having to deal with insurers, a wrecked car, police reports, and seemingly endless paperwork, many people do not realize that they have suffered an injury and do not pay attention to the pain. It is normal for the victim to be in shock, which delays the onset of pain. Sometimes, people may think that if there is no visible ...
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  • Where Should I Seek Treatment?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 15-Feb-2017

    Suffering from a car accident is the last thing anyone expects when leaving the house. With all of the concerns and tasks of daily life, it is important to be informed, especially when an unforeseen accidents occurs. Apart from injuries sustained in an accident, there are additional consequences for people's lives, such as having to stop activities or taking a time of disability to recover ...
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  • If You Hurt Your Back in an Accident, This Could Be the Treatment for You

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 7-Feb-2017

    A back injury can be a painful reminder of an auto accident. Aside from being concerned about dealing with the insurance company or taking legal action against a negligent driver, your first priority should be your physical recovery. Visiting a chiropractor who specializes in accidents, such as a Cobb County chiropractor at Cobb Pain and Rehab, can ensure that you safeguard your health and manage ...
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  • Did You Have A Traffic Accident? Do Not Stop Seeing the Chiropractor For Fear Of the Cost

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 5-Jan-2017

    At Cobb Pain and Rehab, our vast experience treating people who have been injured in traffic accidents allows us to provide the best treatment to our patients in addition to helping them deal with the legal process. After the physical trauma of an accident, it is most often necessary for the victim to be treated in several sessions. However, many people avoid seeing a doctor for fear of having to ...
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  • Injuries Caused by Car Accidents During the Holidays

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 13-Dec-2016

    During the holidays, the streets are filled with irresponsible drivers. It is important to be alert and not just to follow the traffic signs, but be vigilant when there are stops or while driving on busy roads. One of the most common types of car accidents are rear-end accidents. Many times they are caused by drivers who are fatigued, distracted, or driving under the influence of alcohol. This ...
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  • Alternative Methods for Alleviating a Back Injury Caused by an Auto Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 29-Nov-2016

    One of the parts of the body that suffers the most during a traffic accident is the back. It is very important that you visit a specialist as soon as possible after an accident to be examined and diagnosed for treatment. At Cobb Pain and Rehab, we are experts in providing care to patients who have been injured in auto accidents and have both the technology and medical staff necessary to treat your ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions After a Car Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 8-Nov-2016

    After experiencing a car accident, a victim is always left with a number of questions. In our experience dealing with patients in Cobb County, we have found that the most frequently asked questions about car accidents are: 1. Should I wait for my insurance to respond for damages? Most drivers have a policy that covers damages in the event of an accident. Additionally, there is third party coverage ...
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  • How Do I Know if I am Injured?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 26-Oct-2016

    How do I know if I am injured? The first sign of an injury is pain – a nervous system response alerting you that something in the body is not working. A sharp or stabbing pain is the first warning to seek medical help and get a diagnosis. Pain that is not as severe, but is recurrent and difficult to get rid of, is known as chronic pain. Chronic pain can last a long time if not treated. There ...
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  • Nobody Is Prepared For an Auto Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 14-Oct-2016

    We seldom leave the house thinking that something bad will happen to us, but the reality is that unexpected things can happen at any time. If something were to happen, it is important to be prepared in order to know how to act and avoid making the problem worse. In cities with heavy traffic like Atlanta, car accidents happen all the time. Head-on collisions, T-bone collisions, and accidents in ...
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