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  • How Can a Chiropractor Help After a Car Accident?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 21-Mar-2018

    Even though car accidents can vary, the types of injuries people sustain after crashes are usually very similar. Most crashes result in damage to the musculoskeletal system, or the muscles and bones. Many car accidents cause whiplash, neck injuries, head injuries, muscle damage, and broken bones. Even though you might have already been to a general doctor or even an orthopedic surgeon, it could ...
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  • Reconstructive Care for the Spine

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 16-Jan-2018

    Spinal injuries and malformations affect many people. While spinal reconstructive surgery can provide a solution for some, chiropractic reconstructive therapy carries several advantages. You won’t have to undergo invasive procedures, be put under anesthesia, or spend weeks or months recovering from surgery. Our chiropractors are well trained and know how to properly diagnose a variety of ...
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  • Chronic Back Pain

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 29-Nov-2017

    Chronic back pain is debilitating. At Cobb Pain & Rehab, we believe you deserve the right to a pain-free life, which is where our chiropractic experts step in. Constant pain can be difficult to treat, but we are confident we have the tools, resources, and experience necessary to do so. The first step in treating this kind of pain is by locating the source, which involves discussing your ...
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  • What is Sarcopenia and How Can It Be Treated?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 14-Nov-2017

    Sarcopenia is an age-related problem marked by the reduction of skeletal muscle mass and muscular function. Although it is extremely common, especially in older individuals, sarcopenia can be very dangerous and may lead to serious, lasting injuries. Some individuals may be affected by sarcopenia as early as age 40, though the risk of developing this condition increases over time. Luckily, this ...
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  • If You Have An Auto Accident, The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Run Out Of The Right Treatment

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 14-Nov-2017

    Here are the 5 reasons why you should see a specialist in case of having an auto accident: 1. You may have an injury and not know it Most car accident victims believe that if there is no apparent injury after the accident it is because there is no acute pain. It is possible that the person has a small damage and that is why it caused pain, but this does not mean that the injury should not be ...
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  • Injured in an Accident and the Responsible Party Fled? You can be Treated!

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 11-Oct-2017

    Surely you have heard the expression 'hit and run' and this refers to accidents in which people leave the scene of the accident. In most states, it does not matter if the person is causing the accident or not, but leaving the place is considered by law to be 'hit and run'. Accidents can be with pedestrians, cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle. As in any accident, the probability ...
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  • Tips to Ease Lower Back Pain

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 3-Oct-2017

    Lower back pain is one of the most debilitating and concerning things for anyone to endure, as it can severely affect one’s quality of life. Whether your lower back pain is chronic as a result of a condition like arthritis, or simply the result of an accident or injury, you deserve to live a pain-free life. At Cobb Pain & Rehab, we understand just how difficult it can be to suffer from ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Back Injuries

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 13-Sep-2017

    Back injuries are common among working class individuals. Many injured workers go through their day trying to ignore the intense pain shooting up their spine as they try to complete their workload. Fortunately, there are other ways to deal with your back injury. Below, we answer some questions commonly asked by people experiencing uncomfortable back pain. What Are the Common Causes of Back ...
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  • Office Jobs & Headaches: How Sitting All Day Can Hurt You

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 12-Sep-2017

    Did you know sitting for prolonged periods of time might cause headaches and migraines? Most of us have heard about the studies ticking off all of the negative side-effects of sitting at a desk all day, but some people might not know headaches are on the list. Roughly 86% of all American workers sit all day, despite studies that have shown prolonged sitting to cause back and neck tension, a slower ...
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  • What to Expect for Your First Chiropractic Visit

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 23-Aug-2017

    If you are unfamiliar with chiropractic care, the thought of your first appointment may be a bit daunting, as most new things are. The truth is, a chiropractic appointment isn’t much different from any other type of medical appointments. In fact, roughly 22 million Americans see chiropractors annually for treatment, more than one-third of which seek treatment for back pain. While many people ...
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  • Chiropractic Techniques to Help Prevent Football Injuries

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 18-Aug-2017

    Football is known for its forceful tackles and physical roughness. With the football season starting, the risk for injuries among players skyrockets. Such injuries include tendonitis, fractures and dislocations, sprains, torn ligaments, and concussions. It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means it is easier to prevent an injury than to recover from one. With ...
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  • Is This Treatment Suitable for My Back?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 26-Jun-2017

    Chiropractic treatment is increasingly associated with recovery after a car accident, and this is because insurance companies began to accept it as an alternative treatment. One of the reasons why patients choose unconventional treatments instead of strong pain medications or surgeries is because this type of holistic medicine besides healing the lesions generates a general well-being. But what do ...
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  • Chronic Pain Can Lead to Depression

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 24-May-2017

    Chronic pain is defined as a pain lasting more than 6 months. It has a mild intensity to agonizing or unbearable pain, can be constant or intermittent and can be bearable as disabling. Symptoms include burning, feeling of electric currents, tightness, stiffness and other discomfort that combine with feelings of discomfort and often affect the mood until leading to depression. The causes of these ...
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  • Did You Have an Accident in the Atlanta Area?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 15-May-2017

    Did you have an accident in the Atlanta area? In Cobb County, Dr. Anthony Bartolo and his team have the expertise to provide you with the right treatment and help you with your legal process, connecting you with attorneys specializing in auto accident. The trauma of the accident Apart from injuries acquired in an accident, there are other consequences for people's lives, such as having to stop ...
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  • The Importance of Visiting a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 11-May-2017

    Car accidents can be very dangerous, and often result in serious damages, both to the vehicles, and the drivers and passengers involved. If you’ve been in an accident, your foremost concern should be for your health. Following an accident, you should always plan an appointment with your chiropractor for a check-up. Whether you’re experiencing severe pains in your neck, a minor ...
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  • Can Chiropractic Care Boost Your Immune System?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 30-Mar-2017

    Nowadays people are constantly looking for new ways to improve the health of their immune systems. Whether it’s trying the newest superfood or implementing the latest and greatest exercise technique, there are plenty of crazes that come and go, often having little to no effect on our overall health. However, studies have revealed that chiropractic care implements certain practices that can ...
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  • Can Chiropractic Care Help Seizures?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 28-Mar-2017

    Most people think of chiropractic as health care that focuses on the musculoskeletal system only. If your back, neck, or joints are hurting, you can see a chiropractor. If you are having seizures, you should go to some type of specialist. While this is how a lot of people tend to think, the benefits of chiropractic are far-reaching, and can improve the lives and wellbeing of patients struggling ...
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  • Can Chiropractic Care Replace the Need for Painkillers?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 21-Mar-2017

    Prescription opioid abuse has long since been a dangerous issue. Prescription drugs led to 18,893 deaths in 2014 across the country, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Recent legislation, like the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, took steps towards improving the prescription drug problem through education and the funding of preventative programs, but it ...
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  • What are Bulging Discs & How Are They Treated?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 21-Mar-2017

    One common reason that people seek the services of a chiropractor is because they are experiencing pain from a bulging disc. Bulging discs are a result of misaligned vertebrae (called “subluxation”) and can cause pain in the neck, back, arms, and legs. When the vertebrae are not in the proper position, subluxation can interfere with nerve function and cause a host of problems ...
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  • Chiropractic Care for Football Injuries

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 17-Mar-2017

    Between the brutal physical collisions, all-out sprints down the field, and straining 60-yard throws, football is a physically taxing sport. For many athletes, pain may just be the name of the game, but keeping your body aligned and healthy can help prevent serious injuries and treat any existing ones. In fact, all 32 national football teams use chiropractic care for their athletes, according to ...
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  • Why Home Remedies May be the Worst Idea After an Accident

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 9-Mar-2017

    Experiencing a car accident can be overwhelming. With all the stress of having to deal with insurers, a wrecked car, police reports, and seemingly endless paperwork, many people do not realize that they have suffered an injury and do not pay attention to the pain. It is normal for the victim to be in shock, which delays the onset of pain. Sometimes, people may think that if there is no visible ...
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  • Where Should I Seek Treatment?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 15-Feb-2017

    Suffering from a car accident is the last thing anyone expects when leaving the house. With all of the concerns and tasks of daily life, it is important to be informed, especially when an unforeseen accidents occurs. Apart from injuries sustained in an accident, there are additional consequences for people's lives, such as having to stop activities or taking a time of disability to recover ...
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  • If You Hurt Your Back in an Accident, This Could Be the Treatment for You

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 7-Feb-2017

    A back injury can be a painful reminder of an auto accident. Aside from being concerned about dealing with the insurance company or taking legal action against a negligent driver, your first priority should be your physical recovery. Visiting a chiropractor who specializes in accidents, such as a Cobb County chiropractor at Cobb Pain and Rehab, can ensure that you safeguard your health and manage ...
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  • Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Pregnant Women?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 3-Feb-2017

    Chiropractic care has been relied on by millions of people as a natural and drug-free method of pain relief and maintaining general wellness. Regular chiropractic care is a great way to maintain the discs and nerves of the spinal column. But is it safe for all people? What about those who are pregnant? While some people may be concerned about the safety of chiropractic care during pregnancy, ...
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  • Living with Neck Pain after an Auto Accident? You Don't Have to.

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 25-Jan-2017

    What is Whiplash One of the most common injuries after suffering an automobile accident is whiplash. It occurs when the muscles and ligaments of the neck extend beyond its range of motion, resulting in damage to the soft tissues or bones of the neck. The vertebral column and nerves may also be affected. Some may perceive this as a minor injury, but you should not let it go unevaluated or ...
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