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  • Is Your Child Suffering From Little League Shoulder?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 27-Dec-2017

    Athletic children have many advantages, but they may also face a few drawbacks. While they boast strong, fit bodies and healthy appetites, they may also suffer injuries more frequently. One such injury, little league shoulder typically affects children who are regularly involved in overhead activities, like throwing. If your child has little league shoulder, it is important that you take the ...
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  • How Often Should I Get Adjusted by My Chiropractor?

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 14-Nov-2017

    Chiropractic therapy can help patients enjoy relieved pain, increased mobility, and faster healing from injuries. Whether you were injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace incident, seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can help with the recovery process. In general, how often should you get adjusted? Here’s what you need to know: If you have suffered an injury, you will ...
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  • Office Jobs & Headaches: How Sitting All Day Can Hurt You

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 12-Sep-2017

    Did you know sitting for prolonged periods of time might cause headaches and migraines? Most of us have heard about the studies ticking off all of the negative side-effects of sitting at a desk all day, but some people might not know headaches are on the list. Roughly 86% of all American workers sit all day, despite studies that have shown prolonged sitting to cause back and neck tension, a slower ...
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  • Seizures Eliminated Through Chiropractic

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 23-May-2017

    If you are living with constant pain, can’t seem to enjoy the same activities you once did, or find that performing even a simple task suddenly seems like a difficult endeavor, you must already know that chiropractic services can help you get back on your feet and live a pain-free life once more. However, did you know that chiropractic services can do so much more than just relieve you of ...
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  • The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 15-May-2017

    Most people associate chiropractic care with back pain relief, but did you know seeing a chiropractic regularly can have other health benefits? Chiropractic care is a holistic healthcare option that works to retain proper alignment of the spine to promote whole-body wellness. Rather than surgical treatments or pain medication, chiropractic care is significantly less expensive and poses fewer ...
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  • Don't Let Chronic Headaches Ruin Your Holiday Season!

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 17-Nov-2016

    With all of the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season, you have enough to worry about without having to do it all in constant pain. If you suffer from frequent headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, or tension headaches, there is hope! Relief from your pain is possible when you visit Atlanta Pain & Rehab. We specialize in treating the root cause of frequent headaches so that ...
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  • Lost Interest in Your Workout? How to Stay Motivated To Exercise

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 7-Aug-2014

    It can be hard to commit to an exercise routine once your initial enthusiasm has worn off. The routine that once felt exciting and different now feels like a chore. But exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. You can stay motivated to workout, whatever your lifestyle. Here are some tips for keeping interested and inspired. Set achievable and inspiring goals. For example, you goal could be to ...
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  • 6 Ways to Start Exercising After 50

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 24-Jul-2014

    As you reach the age of 50, the importance of regular exercise grows. Leading an active lifestyle and keeping fit helps you to fight off serious illness, increases your stamina, lifts your mood, and enables you to stay independent for longer as you age. However, starting a fitness regime after the age of 50 can be a challenge if you are not used to exercising. Here’s how to begin a fitness ...
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  • Sunburn: 5 Important Health Risks

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 25-Jun-2014

    We’re sure you are familiar with the concept of sunburn – anyone who’s spent a summer on the beach will have experienced the painful red skin that comes with overexposure to the sun. Playing sports outdoors, walking in the open air, spending time in the garden and even walking around the city shopping all put you at risk of sunburn if the sun is out. But sunburn is not something ...
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  • Meditation: The Path to Better Health

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 12-Jun-2014

    Have you considered how the ancient art of meditation could help you live a better life today? Meditation is now a universally accepted form of treatment for many ailments including depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and sleep problems. Meditation is a powerful tool for living a more healthy life. Read on for more information about meditation and how it can help you heal. Why is ...
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  • How Fruits and Vegetables Benefit Your Health

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 4-Jun-2014

    It is important to eat a healthy diet for many different reasons – more energy, prevent colds and infections, help lose weight, and prevent chronic disease. A balanced diet includes the major healthy food groups. One essential food group is fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients for a healthy balanced diet that improves your wellbeing. ...
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  • 4 Healthy Ideas for the Memorial Day Weekend

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 22-May-2014

    With Memorial Day weekend signaling the start of summer, thoughts turn to getting the body in shape for the beach. But Memorial Day also brings the opportunity to overindulge with chips, dips, burgers, hot dogs, cookies, candy and ice cream. If you want to enjoy Memorial Day without ruining your healthy diet, read on. Enjoy healthy outdoor activities Memorial Day weekend is the ideal time to have ...
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  • How to Prevent Dehydration: Hints and Tips

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 15-May-2014

    When you’re considering how to lead a healthier life, don’t forget abut one of the most important components of wellbeing – water. Water is essential for all your bodily functions and it helps you to live a healthy and happy life. Proper hydration prevents tiredness, improves your focus, gives you better skin, helps your digestive system, assists you when you are trying to build ...
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  • 8 Reasons Why Sunshine is Good for You

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 7-May-2014

    Did you know that spending time in the sun can significantly improve your health and wellbeing? The sun offers a range of benefits, whether you relax on a sun lounger, take a hike, or play with the children in the garden. Getting outside in the sun gives you a physical and psychological boost. Too much sun can result in damaged skin and the risk of skin cancer, but safe sun exposure is linked to ...
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  • 10 Things to Know About Herniated Discs

    Posted By Cobb Pain & Rehab || 23-Apr-2014

    Herniated discs are painful. When you suffer a herniated disc you probably find it difficult to move around, hard to relax, and difficult to enjoy life. A herniated disc is a problem affecting one of the rubbery, flat circles that are positioned between your vertebrae. The discs allow the spine to move and bend, and also offer shock absorbing protection for movement. Spinal discs are filled with a ...
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