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Healing with Chiropractic Care

Healing with Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor has your back, but that’s not all! Millions of Americans entrust part of their care to a chiropractor, however only about a third see a chiropractor for back pain. A spine is absolutely vital, creating posture and regulating your heartbeat and breathing. Essentially, your spine is responsible for connecting every part of your body.

People depend on their back and its health more than we realize. The alignment of the skeleton and surrounding tissue dictates how well different parts of your body can communicate and take care of other parts (you know, good old fashioned healing). A practitioner’s primary treatment path may be chiropractic adjustment of the spine, but don’t let this discourage you from talking to your chiropractor about ANY other health concerns. They might be related, or not, but determining this is best done by your caring professional. The state of your spine directly affects many other things in your body, but the chiropractic adjustment is only part of what lies in your chiropractor’s bag of anti-pain/pro-health tricks.

The benefits of chiropractic care are focused around removing the barriers to healing. Healing ,naturally or with a little help, is the only known non-surgical method of repair for human bodies. Every surgery depends on the body’s own ability to heal. In some cases one can elect a chiropractic treatment regiment over certain surgical options, saving money and possibly pain-free time. With the body’s foundation aligned and operating smoothly many ailments may sooner heal themselves or be resolved altogether. Chiropractic is known for resolving pain at a great savings compared to surgery or pharmaceutical options. Continued medical research churns out more and more evidence of the extended benefits of chiropractic care.

The knowledge and treatment resources available to you through your chiropractor go far beyond your adjustment. Beyond their own expertise, chiropractors often have access to a network of caring providers, sometimes conveniently in the same office that can work with you to complete a clear, affordable path to good health. The Chiropractor’s position in this network makes them an ideal primary access point for traditional treatment and a guide for established alternative treatments as well. Ensuring wellness is the best thing you can do for yourself or a loved one, get the support you need for what supports you (your skeleton)!

Here is an abbreviated list to give you an idea of the scope of ailments that you can talk to your chiropractor about:

 Arm or Wrist Pain
 Arthritis
 Back and Neck Pain
 Bursitis
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 Chronic Injuries
 Diet and Nutrition
 Difficulty exercising
 Gastric Disorders
 Headaches
 High blood pressure
 Improving organ function
 Insomnia (trouble sleeping)
 Fibromyalgia
 Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
 Leg Pain (Sciatica)
 Migraines
 Neck pain
 Repetitive Stress Disorders
 Shoulder or Elbow Pain
 Sleep disorders
 Sports Injuries
 Stress Disorders
 Tension Headaches


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