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Springtime: Overhaul Your Sleep Patterns to Get Out of Your Rut

Springtime: Overhaul Your Sleep Patterns to Get Out of Your Rut

Daylight Saving Time at the start of March made you put your clocks forward one hour, but how is this affecting your overall health? One hour of daylight moved from the morning to the evening, resulting in longer nights. Here’s how to make sure your sleep patterns are spring-ready – and how to make the most of spring days.

Sleep and Springtime

At the beginning of spring, when the clocks went forward, you probably felt the loss of that extra hour of sleep. You were probably sleepier than usual driving to work on the Monday. But over the month you’ve caught up – the change in the hours is no longer affecting you so much. Some people continue to find it difficult to wake up, however, resulting in groggy mornings.

Get Out of Your Winter Rut

If you feel tired and sluggish during the spring months, first of all make sure you are actually getting enough sleep. If you get seven or eight hours of good quality sleep each night you are in a much better position to take advantage of spring and its opportunities for exercise and relaxation. However, young children, hectic work schedules, and other commitments make it more difficult than ever to get this golden period of sleep. Do all you can – don’t consume caffeine or alcohol close to bedtime, set a relaxing sleep routine where you turn off the TV and all electronic gadgets before bed and wind down with a relaxation activity or simply a warm drink. It also helps if you go to bed and get up at the same time every day – catching up on sleep at the weekends is not always effective.

Daytime Solutions

Make sure you are active during the day. Exercising at the gym, going for a walk or a run, or taking part in a sports activity, will all help make you tired enough to drop off to sleep quickly at night. Try not to exercise heavily close to bedtime, however, as the extra activity could have the opposite effect and keep you awake.

Lower stress levels with a relaxation technique like yoga or meditation, or book yourself in for a massage. Massage has the added advantage that you can help heal any lingering pain you may feel in your lower back and other parts of your body that are under stress.


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