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Lost Interest in Your Workout? How to Stay Motivated To Exercise

Lost Interest in Your Workout? How to Stay Motivated To Exercise

It can be hard to commit to an exercise routine once your initial enthusiasm has worn off. The routine that once felt exciting and different now feels like a chore. But exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. You can stay motivated to workout, whatever your lifestyle. Here are some tips for keeping interested and inspired.

  • Set achievable and inspiring goals. For example, you goal could be to compete in a running race in two months’ time, or to be able to fit into your wedding dress in five months. Whatever your goal, make sure you plan how you are going to achieve it – break down the goal into manageable steps that you can check off once you have achieved them. Run 10 minutes every day for a week, then run for 20 minutes every day, etc.
  • Keep interested in your fitness schedule by making it fun. Vary your sessions so you stay interested and don’t get bored. If you are running, have different routes with different challenges, for example hills or pavement. If you want to lose weight, take a variety of classes at the gym or join a sports league.
  • Prioritize your exercise sessions. Look at your diary at the start of the week to see where you can fit in your workouts, then write them in your diary or add reminders to your phone like you would an appointment at the dentist or a meeting at work. Give your fitness the attention it deserves and you are more likely to be motivated to complete your sessions.
  • If you can’t commit to a full workout, build exercise into your everyday life. Set up a stationary bike so you can pedal as you catch up with your favorite shows, park the car a little further from the office so you have to walk every day, and spend energy playing with the kids in the park at the weekend.
  • Track your progress and make every achievement count. It helps to maintain momentum when you see how far you have progressed. There are apps for tracking your fitness goals or you can simply draw up a chart and tick off each exercise session or goal you have completed.
  • Get help from others to keep your motivation up. When other people know what you are trying to achieve, they can support you and offer encouragement when you don’t feel like going to the gym.

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