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5 Ways to Make Your Mind Sharper

5 Ways to Make Your Mind Sharper

It is a fact of life that you will occasionally have problems with your memory or feel like your brain is running slower than normal – everyone suffers some memory issues and from poor concentration. The problem may get worse when you are tired or when you are under stress. The good news is that you don’t have to face your senior years thinking your brain will be slow and sluggish – you can keep your mind sharp as you age, with some simple techniques.

  • Make sure you are getting the right nutrients for brain health. Just as you need to boost your body’s nutrient reserves with the right substances, so too do you have to look after your brain. For example, iron is a powerful nutrient when it comes to enhancing cognitive abilities because without enough iron you risk anemia, which limits the flow of blood to the brain. You may also want to consider a supplement like choline, which helps to prevent memory loss and can help you build neural pathways. Meat, eggs, and nuts are good sources of choline. Drinking peppermint tea promotes concentration and lessens stress, while lemon balm is linked to more efficient cognitive processing. Try not to overdo it with caffeine and have some calming herbal teas every day.
  • Disconnect yourself several times a day. When you are constantly checking email, answering texts, speaking on the phone and surfing the web your brain is bombarded with messages but studies show all the activity can actually slow down your brain and make it more difficult to concentrate. Take a break from technology several times a day.
  • Boost your brain power with games. There are different brain training games available or you could do a suduko or play chess. Strategic games are useful for helping to increase your brain power and enhance connectivity in your brain.
  • Get enough exercise outside. Take a walk around the neighborhood or in the local park to boost blood flow to the brain, lower your stress, and make it easier to solve problems. If you need an extra brain-boost, walk backwards to force your mind to think outside the box.
  • Make sure you don’t take the easy way out, every time. You can do things differently from time to time – break the routine by driving a different way to work, using the other hand to stir your coffee or brush your teeth, or store everyday items in different places around the house.

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