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6 Ideas for Avoiding Sports Injuries

6 Ideas for Avoiding Sports Injuries

If you have ever suffered an injury while playing sport that prevented you from playing or caused you pain, you will know how uncomfortable and inconvenient the situation can be. Sport injuries may be common but many injuries are entirely preventable. Find out how to make sure you don’t suffer from playing sport – here are six tips for avoiding injury and staying healthy while working out or taking part in sporting activities.

  • The Warm-Up: Warming up before you start to exercise or play sport is essential. It is important to slowly warm up your muscles and get your heart rate up before you start to play. Spend 10 to 15 minutes on a warm up before your activity – you always have time for this, and you shouldn’t skip it. Start by gently jogging or fast walking and follow with some stretches that cover the muscle groups you will use during the sport. Make sure that you feel warm and sweaty but that you are not overtired.
  • The Kit: It is highly important to use the right gear in order to avoid injury. For example, the correct training shoes should fit properly as well as offer the right support for your sport. Have your shoes properly fitted, if you can, to make sure they will offer this support. Find out if you need any safety gear or specialist equipment to play your sport. And if you need it – use it. Accidents happen and when you are not properly equipped it can result in injury.
  • The Correct Technique: Learn how to play your sport properly – know the rules of the game and stick to them, and understand how to perform the moves without risk of injury. Get coaching for your sport so you can develop the proper technique and set good habits in place, which will result in fewer injuries.
  • The Limits: Know your limits. Start slowly and build intensity so you do not shock your body into injury. Listen to your body and understand when to stop and rest – don’t play on if you are in pain. If you suffer an injury, seek professional advice and get the injury treated so that it doesn’t become a problem. The earlier you seek advice, the better the outcome will be in many cases.
  • The Diet: Keep hydrated throughout your training session or sports session, and make sure that you properly fuel your body with a balanced diet and plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Feeling hungry and tired results in more accidents and injuries.
  • The Cool Down: It is also important to cool down after the game. Bring your heart rate down slowly by jogging or walking, and then stretch to loosen the muscles.

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