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10 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

10 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

Playing sports and exercising is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. But with participation in sports comes the risk of sports injuries. However, many sports injuries can be avoided with careful attention paid to warming up, proper form, and good exercise practice. These 10 tips will help you exercise in a safe and effective manner, reducing the risk of pain and injury.

  1. Before staring an exercise program, consult your doctor or health professional. A health check or evaluation can identify any weaknesses or problems that should be taken care of while training or exercising. Injuries that were not properly treated can cause chronic problems in the future.
  2. Get in shape for your sport. Make sure you are in good condition before you start playing – don’t expect your sport to get you fit. Follow a program of fitness activities directly related to your sport that includes a combination of flexibility, endurance, coordination, strength, and agility. Keep up your fitness training in addition to playing your sport.
  3. Start slowly and build up gradually – slowly increase the time you play your sport and the intensity of your fitness routines. Don’t try to do too much, too soon.
  4. Wear the correct protective clothing and gear. You may need a helmet or a mouth guard. You will need proper, well-fitting shoes that are appropriate for your particular sport. The shoes you need for endurance running will be different to those for basketball, for example. Make sure the playing field is in good condition and free from debris.
  5. Always warm up before you start. Jog for a few minutes then slowly stretch the muscles you will use playing your sport.
  6. Practice good form and technique – get advice if you are new to the sport about how to properly swing a bat or make a tackle. Injuries are common in people new to sport that are unsure how to properly handle the field.
  7. Keep properly hydrated. You need to drink plenty of water to make sure you are properly hydrated and to avoid exhaustion and injuries. If you are exercising or playing sport for a long period of time at high intensity then you will also need a sports drink to replenish lost salts.
  8. Don’t overdo it – have rest days and watch your body for signs of pain and fatigue. If you feel pain, stop exercising.
  9. Cross train by varying your activities to prevent overuse injuries.
  10. Rest and let any injury heal before you return to your sport. If you are suffering from an injury, have it professionally seen so you don’t run the risk of storing up problems for the future.

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