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All About the Dangers of Sunburn

All About the Dangers of Sunburn

Do you know the dangers associated with sunburn? When you suffer sunburn you go beyond cosmetic problems of red skin and strap marks – sunburn can severely damage your health. Sunburn is caused by exposure to too much sun. Sunburned skin under the microscope reveals damaged cells and blood vessels. Skin can be damaged by the sun even before a burn shows; so it pays to be careful when you are outdoors.

Cosmetic Effects of Sunburn

As your skin is repeatedly damaged, it looks leathery, dry, wrinkled and discolored – this is called premature aging and it occurs when the tissues and collagen are weakened and destroyed by the sun’s rays. Your skin may look thicker but it will actually bruise more easily. The sun also causes problems for existing skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It can make these conditions flare up.

Cancer Effects of Sunburn

The most serious threat from sunburn is skin cancer. Overexposure to the sun is a major cause of skin cancer. Experts agree that avoiding skin damage from the sun significantly limits the risk of skin cancer. On the other hand, if you are repeatedly exposed to strong sun as a child and suffer one or more sunburns you increase your risk of melanoma. Make sure you always use sun protection and keep children out of the sun to protect their delicate skin.

Other Dangers of Sunburn

The risks of sunburn also include infection if the sunburn is severe – bacteria get into the skin through blisters and cracks in the skin, causing infection which can be life-threatening. Prolonged exposure to the intense rays of the sun may also cause your eyes to become sensitive and painful.

What About the Benefits of Sunshine?

It is true that you need some vitamin D, which comes from sunlight, but you do not need to overexpose your skin to the sun in order to get this benefit. Vitamin D can also be found in fortified foods. You need to spend some time outdoors to boost your mood and enjoy outdoor activities, but you can still do this while you protect your skin with sunscreen and protective clothing. Make sure you always wear sunscreen when you are outdoors – make it a habit to apply sunscreen every day. Wear a wide brimmed hat and good quality sunglasses that block UV rays.


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