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Neck and Shoulder Pain: 5 Causes

Neck and Shoulder Pain: 5 Causes

Neck and Shoulder pain is fairly common among many adults. Your neck is extremely mobile, which is great for being able to live your life, play sports and generally see in all directions but it’s not so great when the lack of stability in the neck means you suffer more stress, strains and injury in this area of the body. The shoulder joint also allows for a wide range of movement, and this mobile joint is consequently highly prone to injury. In addition, the shoulder joint is dependent on the muscles in the shoulders in order to function and if you should have any problem with these muscles, you will likely have pain in the shoulders or neck.

If you are wondering why you have a pain in your neck or your shoulders, here are the most common reasons:

1. Whiplash injury. An injury to the neck caused by a sudden forward-backward movement, such as that experienced in a car crash. This injury overstretches the muscles in the shoulders and neck, and can result in torn ligaments, strained muscles, or irritated nerves.

2. Wry neck. If you have pain in the neck area and you didn’t suffer any accident or injury, you could be suffering from wry neck. This is a term used to describe a condition where the neck suddenly starts to be painful and can be stiff to turn. The neck and shoulder muscles may spasm and pain can radiate out towards the back.

3. Posture. The way you sit and stand makes a difference to whether you feel pain in your upper back and shoulders. Poor posture puts undue strain on the ligaments and the muscles, resulting in discomfort or a sharp pain.

4. Osteoarthritis. This is one of the most frequently suffered forms of arthritis. Older people are particularly prone to osteoarthritis although it can affect anyone. Symptoms of this condition include pain and stiffness, and the neck is commonly affected.

5. Shoulder or neck injury. You may have damaged the joint, muscles of ligaments of the neck and shoulders when playing sport, in a fall, or in an auto accident. This may result in dislocation of the shoulder joint, which is a painful condition.

If you suffer from neck or shoulder injury try a treatment like remedial massage, physiotherapy, or chiropractic treatment – these techniques can get the shoulders and neck moving more freely and lessen the pain.


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