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Ways to Prevent Headaches

Ways to Prevent Headaches

Headaches may be a common complaint but that doesn’t make them any easier to cope with. While millions of people experience headaches, many suffer in silence and believe there is nothing to do when a headache strikes but wait it out. Did you know that you can sometimes prevent a headache from occurring in the first place, through diet, posture, and other treatments? Here’s how to stop a headache in its tracks and live your life pain-free.

3 Tips to Stop Headaches

1. Identify your common headache triggers. Most headaches, when the headache is not linked to an underlying health condition, occur as a result of one or more triggers, or causes. If you can identify triggers that commonly give you a headache then you have a head start at being able to prevent the pain from occurring. Environmental stimuli can cause headaches, such as loud noise, or strong smells. You may get headaches when you are overly tired or stressed, or when you have been exercising too much. Certain foods can cause headaches, either because you are allergic to the food or because it has a negative effect on your body. Common culprits include cheese, chocolate, salty foods, processed foods particularly meat, caffeine, and alcohol. Try keeping a diary where you record your headache symptoms and also what you were doing when the headache started.

2. Improve your posture and spinal alignment. Visit a chiropractor to get to the root cause of tension headaches – poor alignment of the spine and irritation in the joints. A chiropractor will help ease tension in your upper back and put your spine into proper alignment, which will lessen the chances of suffering a headache in the future.

3. Improve your diet and take plenty of exercise. A healthy diet with good levels of vitamins and minerals, along with an active lifestyle, can help keep headaches at bay. When you are fit and healthy you are more likely to be able to avoid headaches – particularly as exercise and eating right also tend to reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, particularly if you are working out.


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