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4 Healthy Ideas for the Memorial Day Weekend

4 Healthy Ideas for the Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend signaling the start of summer, thoughts turn to getting the body in shape for the beach. But Memorial Day also brings the opportunity to overindulge with chips, dips, burgers, hot dogs, cookies, candy and ice cream. If you want to enjoy Memorial Day without ruining your healthy diet, read on.

Enjoy healthy outdoor activities

Memorial Day weekend is the ideal time to have some fun in the sunshine and get active. As well as having fun, you also burn calories, which means you can have an extra burger or some chips without feeling guilty. Organize a hike or a game of softball, go swimming, play in the back garden with a ball, or go biking in the hills – an active weekend takes the focus away from food and places it on fun and family instead.

Choose the healthy alternative

There’s always a healthy alternative, so you don’t have to feel deprived or depressed when you are enjoying a family meal. You just need a little imagination and the desire to try something different. The idea is to switch unhealthy foods for healthier choices so you are not hungry and you still get to experience the benefits of a meal with family and friends. For example, grilled chicken breast is better for you than a burger, and vegetable kebabs are a healthier choice than potato salad with full-fat mayonnaise. Eat a lot of salad rather than filling up on sides like mac & cheese, which contain a lot of calories.

Avoid unhealthy snacks

Chips and candy are tempting but you will quickly undo the benefits of a healthy diet when you have more than a few of these treats. To prevent overeating, take some healthy snacks along with you like unsalted nuts and some dried fruit. Popcorn, without salt or butter, is also a good choice. This way, you can snack on something when you feel hungry and not risk consuming too much fat and sugar.

Fill up before the party

Arrive at the party having eaten a good, healthy breakfast or a healthy snack. If you are hungry when you arrive you are more likely to overeat and choose the high-fat, high-sugar foods from the table.

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