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7 Tricks to Keep Your Exercise Motivation

7 Tricks to Keep Your Exercise Motivation

Exercise is crucial for health and wellbeing. You know it, but how often do you set up an exercise routine only to find yourself doing nothing two weeks later? It is not enough to understand how important exercise is to your health. You’ve got to keep up your motivation to work out. How? Here are seven quick strategies for finding the enthusiasm to exercise, whatever the weather and however busy your day.

  1. Get inspired – talk with people who fit exercise into their life and succeed with their workouts, read about inspiring fitness enthusiasts who made a change in their life, Google your goal and read stories about other people who achieved it.
  2. Get excited about a goal – set up an event like a 5K you want to complete, or think about what it will mean to lose pounds for a family vacation. Talk about your goal with anyone who will listen, and see the benefits in your head.
  3. Make your goal public – whether that means making it “public” on your refrigerator or public on an online forum. Write it down and put it somewhere you can see it daily. “Exercise 30 minutes daily” or “Run 10K”, for example. When you make it public you are less likely to back out because you don’t want to lose face in front of others, whether that is your family or the members of a running club.
  4. Set yourself daily reminders – if you are in the habit of “forgetting” about your work out until it is too late, set reminders on your phone, on your PC or with Post-its around the house.
  5. Get good support – it is hard to commit to an exercise regime on your own. Get your family involved but if this support is not forthcoming, join an online forum or a local support group.
  6. Understand that there are “good” days and “bad” days – you are not always going to feel enthusiastic and energetic. If you feel bored or down, change the routine a little. Ask for help, get inspired by reading about others, and try a different routine.
  7. Never give up – push through whatever you are feeling. If you don’t feel like going for a 30-minute run, get out of the door and run for five minutes. The chances are, once you are outside you will get into it and complete the 30-minute session anyway.

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