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Tips for a Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

Tips for a Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

It’s obvious that eating a salad is better for you than a double burger with all the trimmings, but which one is going to be more appetizing this Memorial Day weekend? With all the fantastic food for devouring this coming holiday, it’s hard to stay on track with your diet or healthy living plan. Take a look at these tips for eating well this Memorial Day, without ruining your summer beach body.

1. Eat before you get to the party

One of the best ways to avoid overindulging when you smell the BBQ and see the table laden with chips and dips is to eat a healthy meal or snack before you arrive. If you get to the cook-out starving, you’ll have very little chance of exercising restraint. Eat a small sandwich or a snack of raw vegetables and dips before you leave home.

2. Fill up on alternatives to chips

Chips are sure to be on the menu this Memorial Day but they are the best way to ruin a summer healthy eating plan as they are laden with calories. Fill up on alternatives like unsalted nuts and popcorn instead.

3. Choose sides with care

Side dishes are often the most appetizing but it is easy to overdo it with the calories – potato salad, mac n cheese and baked beans are not low-calorie dishes. Choose one, and serve a small portion. If you are hosting, make “light” versions of these family favorites with low-calorie mayo and low-sugar beans.

4. Pick a healthier BBQ main

Stick to one burger and skip the bun – you don’t lose much taste when you lose the bread, and you can fill up with salad. Opt for grilled chicken breast rather than a burger, or choose a veggie kebab.

5. Don’t overdo it with alcohol

All those tempting party drinks like beer and margaritas are packed with empty calories. Drink no more than one alcoholic drink each hour, and limit yourself to a couple of drinks. When you switch to soft drinks, avoid full-sugar sodas and sip low-cal iced tea or sparkling water with fruit.

6. Choose fruit for a healthier dessert

Don’t fall at the final hurdle and overindulge with ice cream and cake. Have pineapple or watermelon for a sweet end to the meal and don’t be tempted by the cookies.


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