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Top 7 Natural Remedies for Allergies

Top 7 Natural Remedies for Allergies

We’re in the grip of prime allergy season and chances are you’re suffering from seasonal sniffles and sneezes. Allergies to pollen and dust can make life uncomfortable and irritating, and taking antihistamine medication and other anti-allergy drugs may result in unwelcome sleepiness or other side effects. If you want to get rid of your allergy symptoms the natural way, try these seven ideas for soothing relief.

  1. Neti Pot: A Neti pot is shaped like a little teapot and you use it to pour sterile saline solution into one nostril in order to flush out irritations from the other nostril. Many Americans are catching onto the idea of the Neti pot, as it can help to reduce the irritating nasal symptoms of allergies.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix organic apple cider vinegar with water and drink three times a day – apple cider vinegar is said to help reduce mucus production and cleanse your system.
  3. Quercetin: The flavonoid quercetin is said to help ease allergy symptoms by stabilizing cells and blocking their release of histamines. Quercetin is also known to be a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce levels of inflammation in the body.
  4. Probiotics: Some experts believe that good bacteria in your gut can help reduce the incidence of allergies – good quality probiotic capsules can boost the levels of these good probiotics in the body.
  5. Extract of Nettle Leaf: This natural antihistamine is a good option for allergy relief when taken in supplement form. You can also use it to make a tea.
  6. Honey: Many swear by the beneficial effects of eating honey that is locally produced. There is not a lot of evidence this actually works, but the theory is that eating honey from the area where you live will help you adapt naturally to the allergens in the environment. Try starting this remedy before allergy season and carrying it on throughout the problematic period.
  7. Dietary Changes: If you are not having any luck with natural remedies then it may be worth trying a diet change – sometimes the allergy symptoms we have today are the result of an unwelcome interaction between certain foods and the body.

Ask your doctor about natural allergy remedies if you are taking other medications as sometimes herbs can interact with other drugs. Be careful with natural supplements if you are pregnant or breast feeding – seek the advice of your doctor.


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