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4 Things Atlanta Pain & Rehab Can Do to Rid You of Back Pain

4 Things Atlanta Pain & Rehab Can Do to Rid You of Back Pain

We get patients coming through our door who are so fed up with dealing with the frustrations of daily back pain. We’ve seen ruptured discs, failed back surgeries, chronic muscle spasms, and auto accident injuries. Our Atlanta offices have seen it all and are well equipped to resolve these issues. We recommend that people try some at-home tips and tricks to find some temporary relief. OTC pain relief medications, ice and heat applications, and some forms of exercise can be beneficial. The OTC medication will help to numb the pain and the ice and heat applications will promote blood flow and ease the tension in certain muscles that support the spine. Stretching and exercise can also promote blood flow while strengthening the muscles in the back. However, all of these remedies shouldn’t be attempted until you consult us about your condition. Many back pain conditions can be more serious and can’t be resolved by home remedies. We over several services to not only treat your back pain, but to resolve the issue:

  • Diagnostic Assessment

Through a thorough investigation, our medical professionals can develop a dynamic, comprehensive, and fully customized treatment plan for every patient. We believe in using holistic and natural treatment methods for fully integrated health practices. Using this in-depth assessment, we can treat not just the symptoms, but the root of the problem.

  • Chiropractic

This natural, drug free practice is highly effective and often the preferred method of treatment for many patients. This service involves adjusting and repositioning the spine to help release any tension. It can also help with herniated disc or bulging discs. This treatment dates back thousands of year to the 4th century B.C and has be refined to a near perfect treatment over that time. This practice, when paired with other treatments, creates a holistic approach to achieving that improved self and overall health condition we strive to instill in each patient.

  • Spinal Decompression

What can happen often is that the discs between the spinal column can become dislodged or ruptured, resulting in what we call a herniated disc. The rubber like substance acts as a cushion for your spine. When they become dislodged, they can create pain, discomfort, and sometimes decreased mobility. Spinal Decompression offers relief from this by elongating and releasing the pressure on the spine. Using a special motorized table, we can release this pressure in a controlled environment. This helps to get the herniated disc back in place and releases nutrients and water so that the spine can feel replenished.

  • Physical Rehabilitation

Our physical rehabilitation treatments are fully customized for every patient so that they get the relief they need. Using methods such as massage therapy, trigger point injections, and physical therapy, we focus on dedicated, holistic and integrated approach to resolving your back pain issues. This treatment often takes extended time, but is often highly effective to regaining strength in the back muscles that support the spine. Our health care professionals have been helping people in the Atlanta area to achieve real progress in reaching their back pain relief goals.


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