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5 Things Cobb Pain and Rehab Can Do to Help Your Back Pain

5 Things Cobb Pain and Rehab Can Do to Help Your Back Pain

Here at Cobb Pain and Rehab, we’ve seen many people suffer from back pain issues that affect their everyday life. It can make something as simple as getting in and out of the car difficult and painful. Half of the entire American working population suffers from some kind of back pain, but most cases go without proper treatment. There are some at-home treatments you can use to treat mild back pain. OTC pain relief can help numb the affected area and promote proper blood circulation. Ice can help swelling go down after an injury and heat can help relax the muscles a few days after an injury. Regular exercise and controlled stretches can help to prevent injuries and keep the back strong. While these at-home treatments can be beneficial for temporary relief, they don’t treat the main cause of your back pain. That’s what we focus on here at Cobb Pain and Rehab. We want to not only bring your pain relief, but address your issue and make sure your back is healthy and strong. Here are the ways we do that:

Our chiropractic services stem from a practice refined over thousands of years. It involves gently pushing and manipulating the spine in order to adjust and realign the spine for optimal comfort and mobility. Our healthcare professions are highly trained and know how to address your individual needs while ensuring your comfortability.

When the rubber-like substance between your vertebrae becomes dislodged or ruptured, its called a herniated disc. This can often be very painful and decreases your range of motion. Spinal Decompression can help to treat this issue by elongating the spine. We place you on a motorized table that gently decompresses the spine so that blood flow and nutrients can properly circulate. This also allows the doctor to treat the affected area more accurately.

Often, patients find invasive pain relief treatments to be uncomfortable or ineffective. We recommend our patients to try laser therapy, which is where we use a powerful laser to penetrate the affected muscle and facilitate the healing process. This practice can be appropriately compared to acupuncture in terms of purpose and method.

If you are experiencing chronic pain in the muscles in your back, then massage therapy may be the right path for you. It involves our highly trained massage therapists using carefully deployed massage techniques to help relieve that pain. Massage therapy uses gentle to moderate strokes on the muscles to try and move nutrients around, get the muscles hydrated, and to remove toxins such as lactic acid. It can also be great for stress relief.

Often, the muscles in the back can become weakened and it takes a specialized training program to get them back to normal. We have trained professionals who can implement a fully custom and integrated plan for you to make sure you get back to your best health levels. Using exercises, balance training, and stretches we can increase your mobility, strength, and flexibility.


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