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Signs You May have a Herniated Disc

Signs You May have a Herniated Disc

Many people suffer from herniated discs and don’t even realize it. General back pain is almost expected when it comes to general aging, but a herniated disc (or bulging disc as its commonly called) can hold you back from everyday tasks. A herniated disc is where the cushion-like substance between your vertebrae ruptures or leaks, causing tension between those two discs. This can cause pain for the individual in the neck or lower back. Here are a few signs you may have a herniated disc:

  1. Pain from staying in one position for too long. Avoid sleeping too much or laying in the prone position for too long as this can create stiffness in the concerned area.
  2. Pain that extends to the limbs. A more painful herniated disc can move past general back pain and cause tingling or pain in the limbs. This can often feel like a sharp pain or tingling that shoots down the limb after certain movements.
  3. Numbness in the limbs. When this happens, its because a nerve is being pinched that is connected to that limb.
  4. Pain lifting objects from the floor. This is from a combination of a herniated disc and weakened muscles in the back. Daily abdominal exercises can help to strengthen muscles that support the spine and help to alleviate some of that pain.

At Cobb Pain and Rehab, we are excited to meet your back pain needs in any way we can. We provide treatment for Disc Herniations while serving the Metro Atlanta area. Before seeking out surgical means of relief, you should check out our spinal decompression and manipulation methods for fixing your back pain. We utilize slow methodical, elongation of the spine during decompression and high velocity thrusts during the manipulation. Both of these methods are meant to put the spine back in place in order to relieve the back pain. Ask us today about how you can get started!


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