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Is it Safe to Crack Your Back?

Is it Safe to Crack Your Back?

If you sit at a desk all day, chances are that you have cracked your back before – and that popping sound can be strangely satisfying. While cracking your back may feel like an amazing way stretch your back, is it really safe? Many of us have heard that old wives tale about cracking your knuckles, but does that apply to the back too? The answer: yes and no.

What Makes that Cracking Sound?

Our joints contain fluid and gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The popping noise that you hear when you crack your back is actually the release of these gases from the joint. While there is nothing technically wrong with this, routinely cracking your back may cause more harm than good. If done habitually, self-adjusting any joint, whether they are the joints of the fingers or the joints of the back, can lead to premature breakdown of the ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues.

When It’s Time to See a Chiropractor

Cracking your back every once in a while isn’t going to cause any damage, but if you constantly feel the need to readjust your spine yourself, it may be time to consider visiting a chiropractor who can readjust your spine safely. At Atlanta Pain & Rehab, our Atlanta chiropractors specialize in helping people find relief from back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions. Whether your back discomfort is caused by a sedentary lifestyle or is the result of a car accident or workplace accident, we can diagnose your pain and implement an effective course of treatment aimed at helping you achieve full wellness.

For a free case evaluation, please contact Atlanta Pain & Rehab today at (404) 620-4010. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the relief you have been seeking!


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