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The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Most people associate chiropractic care with back pain relief, but did you know seeing a chiropractic regularly can have other health benefits? Chiropractic care is a holistic healthcare option that works to retain proper alignment of the spine to promote whole-body wellness. Rather than surgical treatments or pain medication, chiropractic care is significantly less expensive and poses fewer health risks.

Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractors base their practice on knowledge of the body’s composition, especially the way the vertebrae protect the nerves that carry functions to the rest of the body. If the spine is misaligned, also called subluxation, it can negatively affect the rest of the body, causing pain and malfunctions anywhere.

To keep patients’ backs and bodies healthy, chiropractors will usually apply a variety of techniques, including massage therapy, physical rehabilitation exercises, and, most prominently, spinal adjustments. During an adjustment, called vertebral subluxation, a chiropractor will use his or her hands to apply quick pressure to specific parts of the joints to realign the vertebrae.

These adjustments can have the following benefits:

  • Improved posture
  • Back and neck pain relief
  • Increased mobility
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Improved nerve function and treatment of some neurological conditions
  • Arthritis relief
  • Relief from joint discomfort
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Preventative care
  • Tension headache and migraine relief
  • Treatment for Sciatica (pain travelling along the sciatic nerve, from the lower back to legs)
  • Lower blood pressure

Chiropractic care works best after multiple treatments, gradually relieving pain in tight spots and realigning the vertebrae to promote a healthy spinal column. However, not all benefits of chiropractic treatment include pain relief. In fact, some of the most prominent up-sides of chiropractic care is the prevention of injury. By keeping your back strong and fit, you can better prepare your body for any mishaps, preventing damage before it occurs and keeping your body healthy longer.

To learn more about how you could benefit from chiropractic care, Contact Atlanta Pain & Rehab to schedule an appointment.


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